We are Joey, Vee and May, three girls in a poly relationship. We spend pretty much all of our time together and in those times, a lot of silly silly things get said. This blog is our diary for those times, so we can always have something to look back to and make us smile.

We have what we like to call "honorary" girlfriends too! These are friends who we love and who are part of our growing family of friends, lovers and people we care about.

All three of us believe in love above all things. Love for each other, our friends, our families and of the things dear to us. I hope the words written here will let all that love shine through.


Things May isn’t allowed to mess with in Minecraft

  1. Books
  2. Wiring
  3. Most of the machines in Tekkit
  4. Nuclear materials
  5. Doors
  6. Any structure designed to take you between dimensions
  7. Other dimensions
  8. Other people
  9. Joey’s farms

Vee: Thanks, vagina doctor, but today is not my birthday.

Ryan Gosling

Joey: Ryan Gosling has built his career on being awkward

Vee: You'd think he'd have become a goose by now..

She's playing Killing Floor

Vee: Its a party and a half over here!

Vee: Oh no, too much party, everyone needs to die now!


Joey: A maths scientist is called a mathematician!

May: I remember this show I'm watching right now!

Joey: I think I'm sexually attracted to this burger.

Joey: I mean not really but still.

May: Oh that's good then, because if theres one thing I've learned in all my years of study, its this..

May: Don't stick your dick in a burger.