We are Joey, Vee and May, three girls in a poly relationship. We spend pretty much all of our time together and in those times, a lot of silly silly things get said. This blog is our diary for those times, so we can always have something to look back to and make us smile.

We have what we like to call "honorary" girlfriends too! These are friends who we love and who are part of our growing family of friends, lovers and people we care about.

All three of us believe in love above all things. Love for each other, our friends, our families and of the things dear to us. I hope the words written here will let all that love shine through.


Lord of the Thighs

Joey: Well, I have thunder thighs..

Joey: Thighs of a god, these are!

Joey: Unfortunately that god is Thor, but..

Physics jokes!

Joey: I'm having an argument with gravity.

May: If you're having an argument with one of the fundamental forces of the universe, I think you're gonna lose.

Joey: Well I figure if I'm gonna start, might as well start with the weaklings.

So this is why they have the "it's complicated" option as a relationship status on Facebook.

Joey: taste the rainbow, pfft. Be BETRAYED by the rainbow, more like

Joey: stupid fuckin' rainbow

Joey: no I lied come back rainbow i love you

Well, all of my worries are now put to rest..

Joey: I just randomly told someone I WON'T THROW SPIDERS AT YOU

Joey: which I suppose is a good thing to reassure ones friends


Joey: I'm like a cat, I guess

Joey: If I want to be petted, I'll come to you for pets, but if you pet me when I don't want to be petted, I'll run off and shit in your shoes

Joey: wait that doesn't sound right

Vee: So when I hold the door open are you going to stand there and stare out it, and go outside only to come back in?

Joey: Yes


Remy: I need to use the bathrooms.

Joey: Bathrooms? How do you use two at once?

Remy: Well one is above the other..

Joey: Now you're thinking with portals!

May: ...please don't think with portals..

Looks like I have a new favorite social media site.

Vee: You're a buttface.

Joey: Yeah, well you're a facebutt.

Vee: ...

Joey: It's like facebook for your bum!