We are Joey, Vee and May, three girls in a poly relationship. We spend pretty much all of our time together and in those times, a lot of silly silly things get said. This blog is our diary for those times, so we can always have something to look back to and make us smile.

We have what we like to call "honorary" girlfriends too! These are friends who we love and who are part of our growing family of friends, lovers and people we care about.

All three of us believe in love above all things. Love for each other, our friends, our families and of the things dear to us. I hope the words written here will let all that love shine through.


Sorry ladies, I have plans tomorrow.

Vee: D: I don't even remember what I ate yesterday, so.

Kaz: seasoned infant with a side of orphan



Kaz: i do what i can

Vee: I was going to eat that tomorrow, but I guess I already ate it. D: Man I was looking forward to that too. We'll have to go out and get some. You down?

Kaz: always


Remy: I need to use the bathrooms.

Joey: Bathrooms? How do you use two at once?

Remy: Well one is above the other..

Joey: Now you're thinking with portals!

May: ...please don't think with portals..

Canadian Rocket

Joey: I am now choosing to believe that Canada is run by the leader of Team Rocket.

[Shortly after, this followed]

To protect the world from devastation by mooses,

To unite all caribou within our nation,

To denounce the evils of Maple Syrup,

To extend our reach to Alaska Above,

Team Canada, Blasting off at the speed of sleds.

Play Hockey now and prepare to fight.

What'reya talkin' aboot ya silly 'Murican?



Thank you for informing me. I never would've guessed.

Joey: I'm pretty sure super glue is bad for your vagina..

Joey: That's going on Tumblr, isn't it?

May: I hope not. Tumblr doesn't need that.